Caricatures from a Hen Party!

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Hen party fun in Ireland!
I’ve been entertaining at a few hen parties recently, this one was in the elegant surroundings of the House Hotel in Galway, where the party was assembling to do a cocktail-making class!
Galway Hen Parties
Hen Party Ideas Galway

Family Caricature Portrait!

Caricature family portrait by Allan Cavanagh

This is a family caricature I did at a Christmas party while the whole family was assembled. I drew each of them in individual sittings, all combined in one drawing. Was fun!

Wedding Signing Board: QPR & Selfies!

Gift ideas for weddings in Ireland
A recent caricature for a wedding signing board!

Who You Gonna Call? #Ghostbusters!

New Ghostbusters cast image cartoon caricature
Quick take on the new Ghostbusters cast.

Caricature for a Freddy Mercury fan!

Caricature present by Allan Cavanagh, available all over Ireland
This was a birthday present for a big Freddy Mercury fan, who also plays bass and has a love of cars!