Live Wedding Caricatures from the Vienna Woods Hotel!

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Wedding guest entertainment!
Some wedding guests enjoying my live caricatures from a recent wedding in the Vienna Woods Hotel, Cork!
Woman in red dress with caricature.

Canvas Wedding Signing Boards!

Caricature of a Bride & Groom on motorbike funny
Here’s one of my new canvas signing boards for weddings. They’re a fun alternative to guestbooks and can be delivered all over Ireland. If you’d like details just drop me a line!

The stretched and printed canvas!

The canvas after the guests have signed it!

Live Wedding Entertainment in Wicklow!

Here’s a couple of people I drew at a recent wedding in the Brooklodge Hotel, Wicklow. My live caricatures always get a laugh!

Glamping in Westmeath!

Wedding caricatures by Allan Cavanagh!
Here’s some caricatures from one of the more unusual venues I’ve worked at, Mount Druid Boutique Camping in Westmeath! The reception was like a mini Electric Picnic and the bridesmaids were wearing wellies! (It was a dry day so I’d say they were just in case!) There was a lovely relaxed atmosphere and I got the feeling the unorthodox setting enhanced everyone’s day.
Live wedding entertainment in Westmeath!Mount Druid WeddingsTwo women laughing with their caricatures by Allan Cavanagh

This is the censored Martyn Turner cartoon of the priests & child protection.

I’m open to correction but it seems in 2014 the Irish Times have bowed to pressure from the pulpit and withdrawn the above Martyn Turner cartoon over religious sensitivities.
I’m a cartoonist and I utterly oppose the censoring of legitimate social commentary. The Irish Times ought to be ashamed of themselves if they’ve bowed to, or acted in anticipation of, the ire of priests. If this is the case it is the latest example of the cooling of public commentary brought about by RTE’s financial kowtowing to offended religious types over Pantigate.

We can’t stand for it.