From Botswana to Clare!

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Caricature of a couple and their children on the occasion of their wedding anniversary by Irish Artist Allan Cavanagh
Had a lot of fun with this one. It was a combined wedding anniversary/40th/graduation/first communion/confirmation gift and has loads of references to this family’s lives. My caricatures make unique gifts and are available for delivery all over Ireland.

The Manager and the Chef!

This is a canvas signing board for a recently married couple who run a restaurant together!
Canvas printing wedding photos
This is the finished piece just before delivery. The guests’ signatures go in the white space surrounding the artwork. These caricature canvas signing boards are available for delivery all over Ireland and internationally. For details just drop me a line using the contact button on the right!

Double Retirement Present!

Caricature by Irish cartoon artist Allan Cavanagh for retirement present
This was a retirement present for a couple who both worked in NUIG’s law department. Client requested quite a detailed list of references, (which I actually love despite it being more work for me!) including:

a portrait of Seamus Heaney
the famous “FREDDIE STARR ATE MY HAMSTER” newspaper headline.
My caricatures are available all over Ireland, the UK and Europe (and have even gone to the USA!) so get in touch for a unique gift for birthdays, weddings, retirements, 21sts, or work promotions!

Wedding Signing Board: New York and a Bath!

Wedding signing boards by Allan Cavanagh, Caricatures Ireland, a fun alternative to the wedding guestbook!
This is the artwork from a canvas board last month. Background references include their first holiday together, the pub where they met, and the hotel where they got married. I got lovely feedback too:

“Wedding caricature was fantastic we loved it! Great keepsake.”

My canvas signing boards are available for delivery all over Ireland (and have even gone to France!)
Guestbook signing boards by Allan Cavanagh

Cartoon chef’s hat.

cartoon drawing of a chef's hat by Allan Cavanagh Caricatures Ireland
No reason. Just a picture of a chef’s hat.