Testimonials for Allan Cavanagh’s Live Caricatures!

Wedding guest laughing at his caricature by Allan Cavanagh Caricatures Ireland
“Neil and I just wanted to say a huge thank you for entertaining our wedding guests on the 18th of June at Garryvoe Hotel. Our guests absolutely loved you and your work. It was so much fun having you there. Neil and I have already framed our caricature and really love looking at it. Thank you for being so professional on the day and for really making our guests laugh hard.”
– Dee & Neil

“I just wanted to say thank you for making our wedding extra special for us and our guests. You did a fantastic job with the drawings and our guests were extremely impressed with your talent.
Even people who weren’t at the wedding have heard all about you from the guests😊”
– Rose Marie & Gerry

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Kilkenny Animated: A Festival of Visual Storytelling 23-25 February 2018

 Kilkenny Animated
A Festival of Visual Storytelling
An unmissable event that I’m missing this weekend is the Kilkenny Animated Festival in various venues from 23-25 February 2018. I had planned to go to everything and make a weekend of it but I ended up in demand elsewhere. If you’re an animation student, already in the industry, or just have an interest in cartoons, you need to go along to this. Ireland was once a hotbed of animation in the 1990s but companies like the Cartoon Saloon are marking Ireland out as one of the animation leaders in the world. That’s no small feat and it’s to be applauded until your palms sting.

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Double Vision by Charlie Adley- Is there anything greater than a lifetime of friendship?

Modern man, Medieval man, Stone Age man Galway blow in cartoon
Cartoon from Charlie Adley’s latest column over at Double Vision. Charlie’s columns also appear weekly in the Connacht Tribune. This cartoon riffs on how long you’ve to be in Galway before Galwegians think of you as Galwegian. I remember hearing it was 3 generations when I was in college. Even then the blow-ins outnumbered the “locals”! Galway’s a warm and welcoming town and your blow-in status was never held against you!

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