Retirement Present- Donegal GAA Jersey!

Retirement present from colleagues, caricatures by Allan Cavanagh
This caricature was a retirement gift from the lady’s colleagues (who also feature in the drawing!) She’s a big Donegal GAA fan so the t-shirt was a must!
Here’s the artwork framed, just before I sent it off:
Retirement caricature woman in Donegal GAA jersey by Allan Cavanagh Caricatures Ireland

What passes for “balance” and “debate” in Irish media.

Cartoon about marriage equality debate in Irish media by Allan Cavanagh

Batman’s voting Yes.

Batman for Marriage Equality

Wedding Entertainment in Lough Rynn Castle!

Wedding guests in Lough Rynn castle with caricature by Allan Cavanagh

Had a smashing night in the beautiful Lough Rynn Hotel in Leitrim recently. Fantastic venue and the guests were queuing up!Guests in Lough Rynn after being drawn by Allan Cavanagh wedding cartoonistCouple with wedding caricature by Allan Cavanagh

Vote Yes on May 22

Vote Yes to EqualityI’m voting Yes to Marriage Equality on 22 May 2015. It’s not about children, surrogacy or any other red herrings. It’s about looking our gay brothers and sisters in the eye and saying yes you’re my equal, I’m sorry I even have to vote on this, but here we are. Your love is as valid as anyone’s, and you should have the exact same right to consolidate your loving relationship in the eyes of the State as anyone.

Vote Yes to Equality.