Caricature #DoctorWho Day of the Doctor: The War Doctor

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Caricature of John Hurt as the War Doctor from the Day of the Doctor by Allan Cavanagh

“At worst, we failed doing the right thing, as opposed to succeeding in doing the wrong.”

That was incredible, wasn’t it? I had a go at the 9th Doctor/War Doctor/Hurt Doctor and again, as with my Peter Capaldi Doctor, I’m giving it away. Just leave a comment below (enter your email in the email field, won’t be published) and I’ll draw a name next week.

25 Responses to “Caricature #DoctorWho Day of the Doctor: The War Doctor”

  1. I’m so growing my beard like that as soon as it’s grey enough!

  2. nice :) I especially like Hunt as an actor

  3. @AllanCavanagh I have never watched Dr Who but I played Whoode for an hour the other day. Can I still win?

  4. *Whoodle

  5. You’re in now @Findelatierra!
    @Alan, you’ll need to supply an email address if you want to be in the draw so I can contact you if you win!

  6. Oh the poor dear! Aren’t the ears bad enough in his next body?

    I just want to hug him. It’s a very good War Doctor!

  7. Love it. Love John Hurt. When I grow up etc

  8. This is a brilliant caricature! Doctor Who FTW!

  9. Hurt totally nailed it as the War Doctor. What a show.

  10. Am I having a midlife crisis?

  11. Very nicely done!!

  12. I do not deserve this great prize please.

  13. Great picture Allan!

  14. Great pic and such a perfect Doctor.

  15. Nice work dude

  16. Did I not supply an email address?? Of course I should have said I loved Hurt as an actor not Hunt..

  17. Hell yes I’d love to win that! Fabulous picture of a character I’d love to have seen more of.

  18. The battle-scarred Doctor on screen with Tennant and Smith was too much for my blood pressure to take… I really felt quite light headed at times :-)

    Which is how I would be if I won this!

  19. Nice! Will have to have a look at the Capaldi one now…

  20. you have talent! very good drawings! i once drew cartoons myself and my nephew is a published comic book artist, so i’m not just blowing it out my patootie, you def. have talent!

  21. Excellent!

  22. I loved him in day of the doctor,went to see it in the cinema,he was amazing,really captured the doctor’s essence in just one episode. Would treasure this if i won :)

  23. Perfectly captured. The episode served to reinforce my desire to perfect a John Hurt impersonation – oooh that combination of silk and gravel…

  24. And the winner is…
    Gemma Murphy! Your Doctor Who caricature will be in the post shortly Gemma!

  25. [...] Allan If you like what you see why not leave a comment? We have a winner! Congratulations to Gemma, who has won the above caricature artwork of John Hurt as the 9th Doctor/War Doctor/whatever [...]

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