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HELLO! I’m caricature artist Allan Cavanagh and I’ve been ENTERTAINING GUESTS at hundreds of events all over Ireland for more than 15 years. Contact me today for a no-obligation quote for your wedding!
Your guests receive an hilarious caricature of themselves on personalised paper, printed with your names and the date of your wedding. It’s a fantastic ice-breaker for during the drinks reception or as after-dinner entertainment, and always draws a crowd!

My signing boards are highly personalised colour caricatures mounted on A1 board or printed on canvas for your guests to sign and are a fun memento of your big day! Find out if I’m still available for your date today!


20 thoughts on “Contact Caricatures Ireland

  1. Hi Aoife, thanks for your enquiry! I’ve just sent you information on my wedding caricature packages, and I travel all over Ireland so Donegal is no problem (and I’m from there!)

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