Thank you for considering a purchase from Caricatures Ireland. You can select which caricature you would like from the drop-down menu above. Once you’ve ordered I will contact you for photos and details of the subject. If you’re unclear about the process, or would rather use a different payment method, please drop me a line and your order can be completed via email instead. Prices indicated are for up to two subjects in the one piece. If you require more please contact me directly with details.

For wedding entertainment and other events please contact me here.

Thanks again!

Allan Cavanagh.

27 thoughts on “ORDER!

  1. Hi Allan I’m getting married in Dungarvan Co Waterford Just wondering do you come to venues to drawings for a hour or two? If you do, How much? Also if there’s any wedding packages that you have to offer please let me know.
    Thank You x

  2. Hi Allan just wondering do you cater for weddings as in attend the venue for an hour or two. How much would it cost and are you free the 15th July 2016.
    Kind regard

  3. Hi allan,I’d like some info on your wedding packages if you could please forward on some details.

  4. Hi Allan

    I am interested in a getting caricature board and artwork for wedding invitations to include myself, fiance and 3 boys for my wedding this June. Please could you send me some information on prices and how it works etc.. Also could you send me some details on your wedding entertainment packages.
    Many Thanks :)

  5. Hi Allen
    Could you send me details on wedding packages please. Are you available on August 6th for wedding?

  6. Hi Allan. Just wondering if you would do a package for a festival family fun day in Co. Clare (4 or 5 hours), and if so, could you please give me an idea of prices for same. Thanks.

  7. Hi Allan.
    I was wondering how much you charge to do weddings? Would it be for an hour or two? What’s parts of the country do you travel to also?
    Kind regards Martina

  8. Hi Alan

    Could give me some details with regard to weddings? Do you come to the venue for 1-2 hours and what would be your fee?

  9. hi just wondering if you available for a wedding on 1st April? we are looking for a pre meal package and wondering the cost.
    thanks so much

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