Social Advocacy Cartoons from 3rd Knowledge Exchange Forum: What Works?

Case Study 1 – Doras Luimní in co-operation with Crosscare & Nasc – Achieveing Improvements in Accessing Social Welfare for Immigrants

Before Christmas I sat in on the Advocacy Initiative’s Knowledge Exchange Forum in Dublin, documenting the case studies that were being discussed on the day. These cartoons are produced on-the-spot in reaction to themes being discussed and can be used in follow up material arising out of conferences/forums. There’s a link to each case study under each cartoon.
Case Study 2 – Irish Heart Foundation – The F.A.S.T. Campaign to Raise Public Awareness of Stroke Warning SignsCase Study 3 – Rialto Rights in Action Group – Applying a Human Based Rights Approach to Real ProblemsCase Study 4 – Migrant Rights Centre – ‘Justice for the Undocumented’ Campaign: Empowering those with no voice to act collectively and to speak directly to decision makersCase Study 5 – Gay + Lesbian Equality Network – The Campaign for Civil Partnership: The Route to Equal Access to Civil Marriage for Gay and Lesbian Couples and Equality for All

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