The Origins of Eagle’s Doomlord

doomlord eagle comics

One of my favourite comic strips as a child was Eagle’s Doomlord. There was something utterly terrifying about this eventually-benevolent alien sent here to judge humankind, especially in the eerie early photo-strip days. I had an impromptu interview/conversation with former Eagle Editor Barrie Tomlinson on Twitter and it threw up some unexpected trivia on the … Read more The Origins of Eagle’s Doomlord

Farmer Caricature!

farmer caricature sheep lamb cow

This black and white caricature of a farmer with a sheep, lamb and cow was a birthday present and was very well received! Hi Allan. Received the caricature today many thanks. I am thrilled with it and hope he will be too. You done a fabulous job ! Many thanks again. These black and white … Read more Farmer Caricature!