Cartoons for an Instruction Manual 📖

good affinity roadmaster cartoon

Cartoons are excellent at keeping the attention of the reader and getting your message across in a fun way. They’re completely customisable and you can create scenes that would be expensive or even impossible to set up for a photo shoot. This is a series of cartoons I completed for a user manual for a … Read more

Coronavirus Cartoons

corona virus covid19 cartoon lockdown see other people toned

In an attempt to stave off the cabin fever I’ve been drawing some coronavirus-related cartoons. I hope everyone is doing as well as they can in the circumstances. I enjoyed seeing the improvised mini-St Patrick’s Day parades around the country on social media. Take care of each other.

The Impact of Children’s Exposure to Cartoons Promoting Healthy Eating

healthy eating cartoons celery

Interesting experiment published last year assessing the impact of cartoons on promoting healthy eating in kids: “Children were randomly assigned to 1 of 2 groups: a comparison group was exposed to cartoons with no reference to food and an intervention group was exposed to cartoons with healthy eating messages. After viewing, each child was given … Read more

Free Cartoons: Free to Use Stock Cartoon Clipart Archive

I’m compiling an archive of free clipart cartoons for non-profit use, ie, school projects, charities, community groups, student presentations, non-profit websites etc. Just click on the title of the cartoon for a high resolution verion. Please link back to if using online. If you’re interested in a cartoon for commercial use please contact me … Read more