Galway Mayor’s Youth Conference

caricature artist Allan Cavanagh 2007Just back from the Mayor’s Youth Conference in the Galway Bay Hotel. I was doing my conference cartoons based on the responses to the themes of the conference: mental health, transport and anti-racism. There were 300 young delegates from all over Galway and it always amazes me how articulate and confident many kids are today (at 32 I’m old enough to be of the speak-when-spoken-to generation!)

Galway Comedy Festival Cartoon Exhibition

John Crumlish Paul Fahy Paraic Breathnach Ollie Jennings CartoonI’ll be representing Galway in the Galway Comedy Festival Cartoon Exhibition in the Town Hall Theatre from the 5th -9th April. I’ll be hanging alongside Jon Berkeley, Jim Cogan, Graeme Keyes, Tom Halliday, Tom Mathews, Martyn Turner, Steve Best, David Rooney, Hunt Emerson, John McCrae and Martin Honeysett.

I think I need to sit down.

Do pop in for a look if you’re in town!

My Generosity Knows No Bounds….

€100 note birthday caricature cartoon…Well, it’s not many people that have their own currency drawn up for their birthday, is it? That’s the great thing about caricatures– they make great last minute birthday presents! Considering I only found out it was my friend’s birthday about two hours before I saw her, that’s not bad going! I thought it looked quite good, despite the rush (and in case you were wondering, she works in a bank).
Oh, and Happy Birthday Karena!