Galway Comedy Festival Cartoon Exhibition

John Crumlish Paul Fahy Paraic Breathnach Ollie Jennings CartoonI’ll be representing Galway in the Galway Comedy Festival Cartoon Exhibition in the Town Hall Theatre from the 5th -9th April. I’ll be hanging alongside Jon Berkeley, Jim Cogan, Graeme Keyes, Tom Halliday, Tom Mathews, Martyn Turner, Steve Best, David Rooney, Hunt Emerson, John McCrae and Martin Honeysett.

I think I need to sit down.

Do pop in for a look if you’re in town!

New Double Vision Up…

valentines day cartoon
“I love my woman. She loves me. She knows it and I know it and lots of other people know it too.
Sometimes quite out of the blue I become burdened in the chest region, and I have to tell her I love her. Sometimes it’s when leaving or returning from overseas; after joyous acts of kindness; intimate moments… there is no definitive list.
“The point is that there are certain moments when saying ‘I love you’ is perfect, and there are an infinite amount of other times when it is pointless.”