Inishowen Gospel Choir in Sligo, and a wee trip to Glencar!

On the way to Dundalk on Saturday (I went via Ardee) I spotted a sign for Derry- 163km. I suggested to the New Muse (who’s been accompanying me to one or two gigs) that it would be quicker to go to Donegal after the wedding than drive back to Galway, and we could make a night of it (Carndonagh is the craic central of Inishowen). I rang The Voice to see if we could stay with her and The Drums, but they were en route to Sligo for an Inishowen Gospel Choir gig in the Clarence Hotel.
The New Muse and I had a quick bite (of food!) in Dundalk and hit the road for Sligo. We took the scenic route from Castleblaney to Clones and then on to Enniskillen, Manorhamilton and finally Sligo. We saw donkeys and ruins and pockets of an Ireland thought long dead: dwellings resting at crossroads with sunken glass in deep windows and walls made of ivy.
We arrived in Sligo in plenty of time for the gig. I got shot in a drive-by waterpistolling as we walked to the venue, I started to give chase and I was catching up when I realised I’d survive as they missed all my vital organs and it probably wasn’t worth it. (Video and pics below the fold).

It was great catching up with the Choir, they’re really busy and they’re really developing a richer sound in preparation for Glastonbury. I took a little video:

I was in the toilet and a couple of headliner Buck Taylor’s band were chatting. One said how great the choir were, tight, beautiful harmonies, the other agreed: “Aye, it’s just a shame looks like a f*cking scene from ET out there!”
I thought the lighting was quite effective actually. 🙂

On Sunday after breakfast the New Muse and I took a spin out to the Glencar waterfall, which I’ve passed but never had time to visit. On a sunny day, New Zealand eat your heart out.

Funny looking dog.

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