When Charlie and Sandra got married!

Allan 4:46 pm

Head’s a bit worse for wear today. Yesterday was the wedding reception of Charlie and Sandra. Charlie writes Double Vision every week in the Connacht Tribune. The reception was in Massimos and Mattie Hynes, Harriet Leander and a troupe of French people did an amazing job turning it into… well, a brilliant wedding reception venue! The whole place was trimmed with greenery and flowers, it was hard to believe I was still in Massimos, and it was packed to the gills with friends and family.

Me and Mattie.

Me and Martin Rowson
Charlie’s best man was political cartoonist Martin Rowson of the parish of The Guardian and other esteemed publications. We’d a great chat about scandal, satire and upsetting people: my theory is if people are getting upset by your work you’re doing something right, and Martin has a good deal of experience in that department! The photo is the obligatory take-it-yourself upnose Bebo standard, sorry Martin, nice to meet you 😀 .
As a present I did a signing board for the guys, it went down a treat, got great compliments for it and a few people accused Martin of doing it, which I take as a compliment.

An amazing night, all the best for the future Charlie and Sandra. Now I just need to pop these veins back into my temples…

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