Ballygarry Estate Wedding Entertainment: Live Caricatures for Drinks Reception by Allan Cavanagh

I was in the lovely Ballygarry Estate in Tralee on Monday for the wonderful wedding of Ilie and Sophie. I always look forward to creating my caricature art in that hotel, the management and staff are always so helpful and lovely (shoutout to the young man looking after teas and coffees who kept me topped up while I drew!). Below you can see a gallery of some of my caricature art from the day, and what a friendly and fun-loving bunch of guests they were!

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Each couple you see drawn here took just 4 minutes. I had a nice corner by the main door so I got plenty of watchers while I drew these wedding caricatures too!

Click an image below to see a larger version.


Here’s a video of my live wedding caricatures from this 2024 wedding in Ballygarry Estate Hotel in Tralee:

and here’s an Instagram Reel featuring the caricatures above with musical accompaniment by my son’s band, Adore!

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See even more caricature art at the bottom of this post!

I’m Allan Cavanagh and I have been professionally producing caricatures and cartoon art for over 20 years.

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