How much does a caricature cost?

Caricatures are the perfect present for weddings, birthdays, retirements, corporate gifts, and many other occasions! Scroll down for price options, order menu and details of what I’ll need!

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Caricature of a Guard by Allan Cavanagh Irish cartoonist
Live-style A3 black and white unframed caricature €50
digital caricatures order online delivered by email
High resolution digital caricature supplied by email anywhere in the world €75
Caricature present by Allan Cavanagh, available all over Ireland
A3 colour caricature unframed €200
Framed caricature retirement gift Ireland
A3 colour caricature framed €270

I’ll need recent, high-resolution head and shoulder photos of the subject, their eye colour, and any jokes, hobbies or other references you’d like included (colour only). Screengrabs are not suitable, please send original photo or if taken from Facebook save the photo itself to your desktop or camera roll on your phone.

Caricatures are paid for in advance and prices include p&p.

6 thoughts on “How much does a caricature cost?”

  1. Hello Alan
    With time on our hands am looking through photos and finally hanging up some too
    I would love to get caricatures done of us 3 … (mother father and daughter) and one of myself and hubby which I have photo taken when we first met
    The A3 size looks good at €50.00 can you do caricature for the 2 photos I have or does it have to be the dearer price

  2. Hi Allan
    How long does it normally take to finalize a print, if say I gave you all the details you would need this week, when would I receive delivery of caricature….I am considering the option….A3 framed colour/full body/jokes for 250 euro…but it depends on turnaround times as its a Retirement Gift. Many thanks, Mary

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