Caricature Newlywed Couple in Excavator, Bride Sitting in Bucket, Groom Driving

Image depicts a newlywed couple in an excavator/digger. Bride is a smiling blonde woman in a white wedding dress sitting in the excavator bucket and kicking up her legs. The groom has short brown hair and a short beard and is wearing a white shirt and dark tie. He is sitting in the cab of the excavator and driving it. He is also smiling.

This funny wedding caricature featuring a couple sitting in an excavator was used for wine labels for this couple’s big day!

Canvas Wedding Signing Boards Ireland: Personalised Caricature Guestbook Alternative!


This caricature appeared on a canvas wedding signing board for the celebration of the big day of this couple of brides! Printed on 40x60cm canvas on a wooden stretcher, the caricature is surrounded by blank space for wedding guests to leave their best wishes for the newlywed couple! In this caricature the couple ar drawn … Read more

Canvas Wedding Signing Board with Bride Groom Baby and Dog

Canvas Wedding Signing Board with Bride Groom Baby and Dog

Below you can see one of my recent canvas signing boards for a wedding last year. My signing board caricatures are completely bespoke so each one will feature a unique combination of suits, dresses, and other details for inclusion like hobbies, pets, signposts, and even kids!