Characture, Carricature, Caracature, Characterture, Caricture, Caricuture, Carcature, Cariacture, Yes, It’s Tricky to Spell!

Characture Carricature Caracature Characterture Caricture: welcome to my caricature site! I get a lot of different spellings of caricature coming here, it’s a tricky word and all are welcome! It sounds so like “character”, and is so closely linked, that I have in the past accidentally spelled caricature with a “ch”! Me, a caricature artist! It doesn’t matter, you’re here now, the magic of Google helped you out.

Contactless Digital Caricature delivered by email anywhere in the world €75

digital caricatures order online delivered by email

Get a high resolution colour caricature delivered straight into your inbox! Quick turnaround time and can be sent anywhere in the world without worry about postal delivery times. Suitable for home printing. Up to 2 people per drawing.

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Digital Caricature Art delivered to your inbox €75

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I’m caricature artist Allan Cavanagh, I live in Galway, Ireland, and I draw and deliver caricatures primarily all over Ireland and the UK, but I also deliver to Europe and the rest of the world. If you’d like to order a caricature gift for a wedding, retirement, birthday or other event please drop me a line. You can see more of my caricature artwork here on my blog. Even if you don’t want to order and just like what you see, let me know! I also have a free to use cartoon archive which is growing every day, the idea is to produce a free cartoon resource for students of all ages, NGOs, charities and non-profits. If you see something you like that you’d like to use commercially please get in touch through my contact page quoting the url of the piece you’d like to use. I’ll be able to give you a price for its use.

Thanks for stopping by Characture Carricature Caracature Characterture Caricture Caricatures Ireland by Allan Cavanagh!