Blacknight Staff Caricature Avatars

Back in the deep dark days of the first pandemic lockdown Michele Neylon CEO of Blacknight Solutions commissioned me to create caricature avatars for all the Blacknight staff. I had just seen most of my business wiped out and getting this big commission probably saved my mental health. It’s become an ongoing project as new staff come in, and the idea is they can use them as social media avatars. Each one is supplied as a web-ready lower resolution version and a high resolution version suitable for printing. The first batch went down really well with the staff and it was great to see them popping up on various social media platforms. UPDATE: Michele has informed me they’re actually mainly used across Slack (internal) and Zendesk (customer facing).

They’re a very sound bunch in Blacknight (they host this very website) and I’ll always be grateful to Michele for putting this commission my way, putting a smile on people’s faces again at that strange and unhappy time.

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