But how will I GET to the cinema?

So I entered to be one of the lucky bloggers who gets to drive some kind of car around for the next 6 months. As you can guess, I wasn’t one of the chosen by the car company or I’d be all about this car, whatever it’s called again.
However, when emailing me to let me know I’ll have to keep on driving my own car for the next 6 months and beyond, what’s-their-name included my email address in the To: field rather than Bcc’ing it (Yep, that old mistake). So now I’ve a great list of bloggers to spam with Chinese electronics and fortunes wrapped up in Nigerian accounts if that were my forté.

This is terrible PR, because if there’s one thing that gets on blogger’s wick it’s dropping the ball with email lists, so the day the car company should be generating Twitter inches with chit chat about this new car, or bike, or whatever it is, in one click of a mouse the chat is about the PR failure. And now, this evening, the Promotions and PR Manager is combing the list and personally apologising to us all.
Here’s the nice part: he’s offered me two tickets to the cinema as a gesture of apology.
I said no way, I want a car.
I have yet to hear back, but I’m pretty confident I’ll be going to the cinema. Nice gesture, and nicely proactive in damage limitation.

Oh all right it’s the Toyota iQ.

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