Carlow Wedding Entertainment in the Woodford Dolmen Hotel

carlow wedding entertainment Bride and groom, laughing, drawing caricature, hotel, wedding reception, Carlow
Carlow Wedding Entertainment here from the Woodford Dolmen Hotel a couple of weeks ago. There was a bicycle race that delayed some of the guests for around 45 minutes but thankfully Google Maps had suggested a backroad to me so I avoided the delays! A lot of the cyclists were staying in the hotel too so there were some funny walks as they arrived in. The Woodford Dolmen Hotel is a wedding venue I’ve worked in many times, and is located at Kilkenny Rd, Mortarstown Upper, Carlow. There’s a lovely drive on part of the route from Galway that avoids Portlaoise and takes me into Stradbally from the east. I get to see so much of Ireland thanks to my job and this time of year especially it is just spectacular.
So here are some of the many caricatures I drew that day as Carlow wedding entertainment in the Woodford Dolmen Hotel! If you’re interested in finding out more about my live wedding caricatures drawn in 3 minutes on personalised paper drop me, Allan Cavanagh Caricature Artist, a line today!

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