Cavan Crystal Hotel Wedding Entertainment

Cavan Crystal Hotel Wedding Entertainment: this wedding was my first foray into the Cavan Crystal Hotel and I gotta say, it’s a stunner! I’d stayed in Kildare the night before and boy did I wish I’d stayed here instead when I got there! It’s so bright and spacious, a very modern interior design that’s unexpected when entering its historic exterior. I felt immediately welcome and the staff were so friendly and helpful I felt like I was a guest rather than a vendor! I got there in plenty of time and had a nice relaxing lunch in the comfortable bar before the wedding.

The Wedding:

This wedding was right in the middle of summer right at that peak of people being able to do “normal” things again, and all the weddings I did around this time were absolutely hopping from the moment people arrived, and this wedding was no exception! The guests arrived ready to party and I had so much fun with them (Cavan people are absolutely lovely by the way!). You can see from the gallery below how much fun we had and I was absolutely delighted to be part of Jemma and Ross’s big day with such an air of happiness. As usual I set up somewhere central to the drinks reception area with my 3 seats and easel and guests were able to spot me from the moment they came in, and I had no want of willing sitters for the 2 hours! Jemma and Ross had ordered one of my canvas wedding signing boards as well which was set up nearby thanks to the hotel, so once guests were drawn by me I directed them over to the signing board to sign their best wishes!

Cavan Crystal Hotel Wedding Entertainment Gallery:

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