Coolbawn Quay Wedding Entertainment – Live Guest Caricatures!

Coolbawn Quay Wedding Entertainment
It’s raining today so I thought I’d share some live caricature work from a Coolbawn Quay wedding last year when the sun was shining! I’d not been to Coolbawn Quay before and it was breathtakingly beautiful. The wedding took place outdoors on a jetty.
Coolbawn Quay Wedding
It was one of my rare al fresco drawing sessions and the sun did not let up. The shores of Lough Derg must be some of the most beautiful landscapes in Ireland. It’s a perk of my job that I get to travel and see so much of Ireland, especially in the Summer. I have a head full of memories of sun-kissed scenery in places I’ll never find again. Some roads in Ireland are there for one journey and then simply cease to be. Thankfully Coolbawn Quay isn’t too far from Galway and it’s definitely still there, I have a wedding there later this year!
Here is a gallery of my caricatures from this Coolbawn Quay wedding:

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