Crazy After Midnight!

This personalised caricature featured a Patsy Cline fan in her going-out finery with a cocktail in her hand and her ever-present hair-straightener nearby!
When you order one of my framed full-colour personalised caricatures I will work in all the details you’d like included from favourite songs (visually represented of course!) to hobbies, from pets to favourite coffee mug. You just put all those details in a short form I send to you then email me recent photos and I do the rest, producing a unique caricature from photos that will ship anywhere in Ireland! Photos should be send at the highest resolution possible, selfies, screenshots, and filters should be avoided! If you’re taking photos from Facebook you should save them to your camera roll and send them at fullest resolution. The reason for this is screenshots are lossy, ie, when you take a screenshot you’re removing a lot of pixels so when I zoom in I just see a load of little Lego bricks!
Cost for international delivery is a bit different so you should contact me before ordering if you’re ordering outside the island of Ireland.
You can see the framed version below and I’m delighted to say I’m able to offer the framed option again after briefly being unavailable during lockdown.

I’m Allan Cavanagh and I have been professionally producing caricatures and cartoon art for over 20 years.

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