Donegal Wedding

I was entertaining in the Tara Hotel, Killybegs in Donegal a few weeks ago (I’ve done loads of gigs in the last few months, which leaves very little time for blogging!). I took the kids up and made a weekend of it, as I don’t really get up that often. The weather was bloody scary actually, it lashed rain and made the journey to Greencastle about 5 hours.
The trip down to Killybegs didn’t take too long though, and the manager in the Tara Hotel couldn’t have been more helpful, he was even rounding guests up for me while I was drawing! I’d a great spot, looking out over the harbour, and my sitters sat in front of the window while the rest of the guests peered down from the balcony behind me. There was plenty of catcalling, until it was their turn to sit for me! Great craic and a lovely bunch of guests.

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