Greencastle Golf Club Captain’s Day 2019

I felt a bit of pressure drawing this one as the subject is my dad! He’s the captain this year in Greencastle Golf Club, and I drew this as a gift for his Captain’s Day. I wasn’t able to make it up myself (I was drawing caricatures at a wedding) but I prepared this in advance and had it delivered up home. There was a lot of stealth involved in getting this to the clubhouse without him knowing. My sister was on the case and had it on display the morning of the Captain’s Day without a hint of suspicion!

greencastle golf club captains day
The signing board in place in the clubhouse the morning of Greencastle Captain’s Day 2019.

I included the Greencastle Golf Club clubhouse in the background as well as golf balls with our initials (Mum and 3 siblings). Also included is the Greencastle Golf club logo. I drew my dad wearing his Captain’s blazer (I tried that on myself when I was up, the power, the power!) The date of the Captain’s Day is also included on the golf ball in his hand.

I’m caricature artist Allan Cavanagh and I have been creating unique caricature gifts for Captain’s Day and Lady Captain’s Day for golf clubs all over Ireland for over 20 years. If you’re looking to give a unique present to your captain or lady captain, please click here to get in touch!

Thanks to The Canvas Works in Cork for the fast turnaround time in printing the canvas!

captains day gift portrait
Signatures were added as the day went on!
hubert cavanagh greencastle golf club
The finished piece with all the signatures, hanging up at home!

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