Hodson Bay Hotel Wedding Fair

Yesterday went really well in the Hodson Bay Hotel. Got a few bookings for this year and next year and chatted to loads of couples. Everyone was at least curious and took a card. I’d actually met Joanna from the hotel before, I did her wedding last year, when I was a wedding present! I skipped breakfast (bad habit, don’t do it) but was kept going with samples from Una’s wedding cakes at the next table.
I set up my laptop with a slideshow so people could see my work while I drew them. It was hard to figure out the best configuration for the stand, I didn’t want to have my back to the crowd but in hindsight it might have been better for them to see me drawing as soon as they came in. At the very least they would have been drawn to their reflections on the top of my head.
That said, it was definitely a success in terms of letting couples know I’m out there.

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