Ireland and Australia!

Irish bride with Australian groom, pint of Guiness, can of VB beer, caricature by artist Allan Cavanagh, Caricatures Ireland
I’ve noticed in the last while I’m getting a lot of enquiries/orders from Irish people living in Australia. It’s been about 3 years since the Irish exodus began so that must be long enough for people to have fallen in love and start turning their attention to getting married! It’s a sort of bittersweet sociological phenomenon, these exciting new trajectories in young Irish people’s lives brought about by economic necessity (I’ve two siblings living in Melbourne myself). I’ve noticed an increased Australian presence among wedding guests during my live caricature sessions too.
This couple came to Ireland to get married. Apparently that’s a can of Aussie beer the groom is holding, as well as our national staple in the other hand. I believe the puppy is also Australian!

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