Irish Sign Language User Caricature

This caricature was a gift for someone who speaks ISL (Irish Sign Language). I was delighted to be able to incorporate that detail in the caricature, if you look at his right hand he is spelling out ISL in the Irish Sign Language alphabet.
Irish Sign Language User Caricature
Now you know how to sign ISL too! The ISL alphabet can be learned in just a few days by practicing, you can download this handy PDF of ISL from the Irish Deaf Society here. Once you have the alphabet you’ll be able to finger-spell, which means you can have a conversation in ISL!
Further resources for learning ISL:
Crowdsign app for IOS.
Concise ISL for IOS

I’ve done a couple of courses too, including one with Sign With Jenny. Highly recommended for beginners and improvers.

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A few other details you can see include a black cat going under a ladder and some spilled salt. Not superstitious at all!

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Irish Sign Language User Caricature

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