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Kildare Wedding Entertainment: this weekend saw me travel from Donegal to Kerry to Kildare over the course of 3 days for weddings in each county! Yesterday I was in Kilkea Castle Hotel in Kildare, A venue I was last in about 10 years ago! There’s a few venues recently that were pretty distant memories that I’ve been turning up in again, in each case it seems to be around the decade mark. Yes I have been drawing caricatures at weddings that long (and longer!)
kilkea castle kildare
I had a sweet spot near the entrance to the main castle, just to the side of the large open fireplace, so as guests entered they had to pass me on the way to warming themselves! I had a great crowd around me all the time, and the guests were very receptive to getting drawn! I had a constant queue for my live wedding caricatures right up until the bell sounded for dinner.

Keep scrolling down to see a gallery of my live wedding caricatures from Kilkea Castle in Co. Kildare.

I’m caricature artist Allan Cavanagh and I have over 20 years experience creating unique and fun live caricature art for weddings and corporate events all over Ireland. You’ve booked the wedding band but you’re looking for some unusual entertainment during your drinks reception: live caricatures is for you! Please click here to get in touch!

drinks reception ideasThis was my set up yesterday. I usually set up somewhere very central where everyone can see me and see what’s going on so they have a go themselves. I have an easel and roller display and my own rechargeable lights meaning I don’t need to be near a socket (or have to lug a huge extension lead around!)

I get 3 chairs from the venue, one for myself and 2 for the sitters (I find there are a lot of couples at weddings but friends often like to get drawn together as well).

The samples on my roller display give people a good idea of what’s about to happen even before I start drawing!


Kildare Wedding Entertainment

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