Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

That’s a wrap from me for 2022 folks. Many thanks to everyone who hired me for a wedding or event, or ordered one of my caricatures. I had the busiest year of my life playing catch up with You-Know-What postponements with over 60 weddings this year, a completely unprecedented number. I don’t know if I’ll hit those figures again in 2023 but I’m here if you want me!

I will be continuing to take digital orders for delivery from mid-January 2023 and will be fully reopended for framed and unframed hardcopy art towards the end of January. I am of course open for bookings for weddings and events throughout the holiday season so if you’re planning your wedding and come across this page one night over a hot port I am still picking up emails, give me a shout!

I’ll leave you with a few Christmas-themed cartoons. Thank you and good night!

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