New Signing Board for Killarney Wedding

I’m entertaining at Siobhán and Dan’s wedding this weekend, here’s the signing board I prepared for them. I’m not on until the evening so I’ve let the board go on ahead by post to warm the guests up for my arrival. This one’s been booked for ages, as many weddings are, but they always seem to rush up on you anyway!
I work my caricatures up from photos, roughing out the poses first in pencil, going slightly heavier as I’m happier with how the drawing is progressing. Then I go over the pencils in Pitt Pens, finishing of with the assortment of coloured pencils I’ve accumulated. I never erase pencil lines until the inking is done: I always say when teaching drawing if you make a mistake and rub it out, how do you know you’re not going to repeat the mistake? It’s only pencil, leave it there as a guide to where you went wrong.

The inking stage

Once the drawing is completed it’s mounted on A1 board, wrapped and posted out with pens for the guests to use. Most hotels will have a stand that can be used to display the caricature, and when it’s covered in messages from your guests it makes it a unique keepsake from your big day.

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