Progress an’ all tha’…?

Paper Rolls at the Ready
Photo owned by ChurchHatesTucker (cc)

The Connacht Tribune, which I contribute to, is shutting its printing press in July with the loss of 16 jobs.

“The printing operation has been in existence in Galway city for almost 100 years and has printed other regional and national newspapers as well as its own publications.

The firm has blamed the closure on an increased demand for full colour newspapers and earlier printing deadlines, which it can no longer meet.”

It’s one of the tragedies of modern work practices that the local, small scale, artisan model is no longer sustainable. I loved the fact that everything in the Tribune was under the same roof, and I really get the impression of a living organism when I call into the newsroom (not that I frequently have to as this new-fangled email means I can work up to the last available minute if I have to). Regards to the 16, and good luck.

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