Retirement Present Cartoon Strip!

A cartoon strip by Allan Cavanagh presented as a retirement gift in Ireland
This cartoon strip was a retirement present for someone who worked in advocacy. The panels were used in a presentation at a conference and then the strip itself was presented to the chap who was retiring, who is also the star of the strip!
The first panel represents the advocate being worried by the “shifting landscape” of social justice.
In the second panel the advocate meets up with like-minded people.
The third panel depicts them pooling their resources and “surveying” and measuring the landscape while the advocate maps it.
In the fourth panel the completed map is shown, depicting the main themes of social justice advocacy: awareness and understanding, credibility and legitimacy, relationship building and trust, capacity, effective strategies, and independence.
The final panel shows the advocate holding a candle, symbolising the hope that others will keep the candle burning.

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