Rick O’Shea and Nikki Hayes Facebook group reaches 150

There’s now 150ish members in the group. If you’re on Facebook join us.
Una succinctly captures what’s just so erroneous about the new policy:
“[Rick’s] programme is generally stimulating, funny, interesting, interactive, revealing and thought-provoking. Now? Pink – ‘So What’, Beyonce – ‘If I Were A Boy’. A few links. The news. The sport. Entertainment news. It’s an insult to a person of Rick’s capabilities, experience and skills as a radio presenter to turn him into someone who just presses play. (my emphasis)”

…[a]nd even the music they are playing offers nothing new. It’s just playlisted pop. Do the people who make decisions at 2fm not understand that if young people want to listen to music, they plug in their iPod or whack on Last.fm? Do they really just want the afternoon slots at 2fm to turn into a soundtrack for customers at Spar or petrol stations? Because that’s what will happen now with these rudderless and badly thought out decisions.”

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