Transferring settings and emails for Thunderbird and Sunbird to another computer

Just thought I’d share this. My PC’s graphics card has just crashed but I was still able to access the c: drive via my networked laptop. I use Mozilla Thunderbird for email and Sunbird as a diary, so needed to get everything onto the laptop. Thunderbird offers no way of moving your emails and settings from another computer, so I did a bit of searching and found this method for transferring everything in Thunderbird. It’s the best one out there as it goes into the different file paths for different Windows OSs (I have XP on the PC and Vista on the laptop). I didn’t even look for instructions on moving Sunbird, I just used the same method and it worked.
I think Mozilla would really want to think about adding an option for importing from Thunderbird and Sunbird on another computer in the future.

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