“Had a whale of a time at the UCC Pharmacy Society Ball 2018!”

That was the slogan for the sea-themed UCC Pharmacy Society Ball 2018UCC Pharmacy Society Ball 2018 which was held earlier this year in the Rochestown Park Hotel, Rochestown Road, Co. Cork. I drew up a selection of deep-sea denizens to add to the paper for the caricatures (you can see them at the bottom of the pages in the photos!) It’s a cracking gig to work at, this was my second year entertaining the students with my caricatures. As you can see I had a very receptive audience who got a great laugh out of my live caricature art! See below if you’re looking for student ball entertainment ideas in Ireland. My live caricatures are a great addition to student balls and corporate events such as product launches. If you have an event coming up and you’re looking for something your attendees can take away with them live caricatures are a great opportunity to make an impression on people. A big splash if you will! (Yes all the nautical puns were done to death on the night and are now buried at sea.) Each caricature takes around 3 minutes and is drawn on 200 gsm A3 paper.
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