Wedding Entertainment in Radisson Blu St Helen’s Hotel, Dublin!

Newly married couple being entertained by Irish caricature artist Allan Cavanagh!
I was entertaining at a wedding in the Radisson Blu St Helen’s, Dublin recently. The bride and her family are Polish, and there ws a little boy there, maybe 4 years old, who decided he was going to hang out with me while I drew the guests. He gave a running commentary to everything I drew in Polish, and had a full blown chat with me about the finer points of my work, and I replied to him in English, and the two of us would crack up laughing. Some of the guests attempted to tell me what he was saying for a while but they couldn’t actually keep it together long enough to finish a sentence as we’d start again. I was in tears myself by the end of it! A lovely day, and wonderfully helpful manager and staff in the Radisson.
A young woman smiling with a caricature by Allan Cavanagh of Caricatures Ireland.

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