40th Birthday Digital Caricature Drawing: Order Caricatures Online

I did this digital caricature drawing of this SuperDad as a gift recently and it was very well received! He’s holding his favourite bottle of Lucozade and his tape measure is unravelling from the belt of his “Snickers” work trousers. He’s got a birthday card and as he’s a fan of Garth Brooks there’s a Garth Brooks CD included! He’s holding a SuperDad balloon and his t-shirt has his company’s logo on it (Mr. Attic).



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My digital caricatures are just €75 straight into your inbox. They’re ideally suited for a quick turnaround time and can be delivered to any email address anywhere in the world! The whole process is completely contactless and you can add whatever references you like, whether it’s a sporting interest, a pet, a hobbie, an in-joke, the possibilities are endless! You can print yourself or simply gift the digital art to the person. These digital caricatures are ideal for avatar images for Facebook profiles, LinkedIn profiles, Instagram profiles, and all other social media profiles! Caricatures make the best gifts no matter what the occasion so if you’re wracking your brains trying to come up with a last-minute gift for someone why not order a digital caricature online from one of Ireland’s top caricature artists, Allan Cavanagh! I have over 20 years experience supplying high-quality caricature gifts all over Ireland and the world.

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