Alfie the Seal gains his liberty!

Was home in Inishowen at the weekend and got to see the most amazing sight. Alfie the seal, a pup that was found near death in September with broken ribs among other injuries, was released back to the wild on Saturday. Video below the fold. 50-60 people turned up for the release, and at the appointed time we made a human corridor from the top of the beach to the sea and Alfie hopped away to liberty. Unfortunately no-one saw him actually enter the water because a huge wave came, and while everyone was running back up the beach Alfie entered the water and swam off! We got to see his head bobbing further and further away.

It was an amazing experience. Child and adult alike left the beach with beaming faces. I actually heard about it from Facebook, as an invitation went out to the Half-sibs and Quarter-sibs of the Republic of Inishowen. I was going to Inishowen for the weekend anyway but wouldn’t have heard about it without the Facebook invitation.

Well done to everyone involved.

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