The consummate foolishness of Galway City Council rolls on…

Galway City in the last few years has been blessed with a People’s Park starting near Woodquay and extending (in theory) as far as Merlin Park. Hundreds of Galwegians came out in its inception and planted thousands of trees along the Corrib.

Galway City Council now want to plough a road through the Terryland People’s Forest Park to join onto the heavily-congested Quincentennial Bridge to accommodate traffic going to the new shopping centre proposed for the site of the current Galway Shopping Centre.

It would be called madness if it wasn’t such wanton, preplanned destruction. It will destroy habitat, carve the already neglected Park into pieces and multiply the already chaotic bridge traffic.

There is a campaign running to oppose this idiocy. Please visit Friends of the Terryland Forest to find out more.

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