Galway Buskers and Street Performers Announce Busking Protest Busk to Dusk

Galway Councillor Peter Keane Fianna Fail Galway busking by-laws Ed Sheeran

Galway Buskers and Street Performers group have announced a protest busk against the stupid Galway busking bylaws introduced by Galway City Council and proposed by Galway’s biggest party pooper Cllr. Peter Keane. It will take place this Sunday August 26th 2018 from 11am to 11pm on William Street Galway. All details can be found on … Read more

Macnas set for new home?

View Larger Map Billy Cameron seems to think so in today’s Galway First. If it happens it’ll be fantastic news for Macnas as it means a permanent, city-based home for the company. Logistically, it’ll be tough at parade time: it’ll take a long time to get floats in position for rehearsals and on the day. … Read more

Mayor’s Car for Auction on eBay!

Former Mayor of Galway Cllr. Niall O’Brolchain has put the mayoral Prius on eBay to raise money for the 15 charities that were beneficiaries of that scary veggie hippy/interesting delicious alternative (delete as appropriate) Mayor’s Ball in May. I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a huge fan of cars in the Jeremy Clarkson … Read more