Reality by Armando Iannucci: Rishi Sunak Speeching in the Rain Cartoon Caricature #rishisunak

Rishi Sunak Election Announcement Rain Wet Suit 10 Downing Street

I have never in all my days seen a spectacle like Rishi Sunak’s election announcement yesterday, and I’m old enough to have seen Neil Kinnock and his wife falling in the sea. It was nothing short of a work of art.

Friday Cartoon – Women Make Better Doctors (Bearside Manner)

Single-panel cartoon - woman in hospital bed reading newspaper with headline FEMALE PATIENTS SAFER WITH FEMALE DOCTORS. A bear in a white coat is examining her chart. She looks up and says ‘oh thank god’.

Yes yes I had to get the bear/woman/man/forest meme in but I was listening to the Naked Scientists and they featured a piece on how women are statistically better off in life expectancy if they’ve been seen by a female doctor in hospital. Then I found a piece on how women make better surgeons than men. And with the bear discourse I just had to bring it all together.