Caricature Artist- Hotel Meyrick Christmas Lunch 2017!

Caricature Artist
Caricature Artist Allan Cavanagh: Here’s some of the caricatures I drew yesterday for the Hotel Meyrick’s Client Christmas Lunch. The lunch was hosted in the hotel and I ended up drawing a few clients of my own, which was funny because I’ve drawn so many caricatures *for* them, I’ve never gotten around to drawing one of them!

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Galway Comedy Carnival: Phill Jupitus in the Kenny Gallery Galway

Galway Comedy Carnival Phill Jupitus Drawing Phill Jupitus and Allan Cavanagh. Photo by Dean Kelly
Phill Jupitus was in Galway for the Galway Comedy Carnival and spent several mornings in the Kenny Gallery. Phill was putting his own spin on existing works using his iPad and the public was invited to join in. I went up on the last day and took part. It was a lot of fun, Phill creates very accomplished pieces in a short time.

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Phill Jupitus Kenny Gallery 25th-27th October 2017 @10am

Phill Jupitus Kenny Gallery
Phill Jupitus Kenny Gallery: Galway’s adopted stand-up comedian, cartoonist, panelist, and music encyclopedia Phill Jupitus will be in attendance in the Kenny Gallery this morning at 10am, drawing works currently on show in the gallery. It’s part of the Galway Comedy Carnival and it’s free! Phill will also be there on Thursday and Friday mornings at 10am. It’s approximately 90 minutes long. Phill has been drawing in many venues across the water while on tour, and this promises to be a lot of fun.

And don’t forget to check out the Galway Cartoon Festival which continues in the Black Gate Cultural Centre and the Town Hall Theatre until the 30th October!

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