Caricature Artist for Weddings: Live Wedding Caricatures from The Village Barn, Westmeath!

Here’s a selection of live caricatures from a recent wedding in the Village Barn Tyrrellspass. The Barn is a cute rustic alternative venue right in the middle of Tyrrellspass, full of lovely greenery (just look at my photos, that was indoors!). This was another deferred from 2020 wedding and I was delighted the happy couple got to have their big day at last. The atmosphere on the day was just one of delight and I’m really finding that with postponed weddings, there’s an extra investment in getting the most fun out of the day as the couples and guests have been waiting for long enough! I’m really playing catch-up on 2020 at the moment (for several weeks there I had 4 weddings a week, was going to meet myself on the road eventually!) as well as the newer 2021 bookings who are thankfully getting to have their big day according to plan.

Each couple you see here was drawn in less than 5 minutes on personalised A3 paper. My live caricatures make a lovely commemorative work of art as each sheet has the couples’ names and the date of the wedding. As you can see from the smiles my caricatures go down a treat with guests! If you’re planning your wedding it’s never too early to get in touch as I’m now getting enquiries and bookings for 2023 and 2024. Avoid disappointment and find out about my live caricatures for weddings today!

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