Caricature Wedding Gift

Caricature Wedding Gift Fun wedding gifts Ireland caricatures by Allan Cavanagh
Caricature Wedding Gift: This caricature was a wedding gift from the groom’s sister and had many funny references in it including a suitcase with some of the places this couple have travelled together, to the ferris wheel that turned up in the background of the wedding photos! The caricature went down very well with the couple which is always a delight to hear. The client gave me a wonderful review:

Allan did a superb caricature of my sister and husband on their wedding day. Every detail was perfect and they were really thrilled to receive it. Highly recommend Allah’s caricatures, a great wedding present!

If you’re interested in ordering a caricature online click here.

You can read more of my reviews on Google here. My caricatures start at €50 and are available for delivery all over Ireland. I have a selection present caricature sizes and you can order framed or unframed. Framed work is carefully packaged and shipped by courier for next day delivery. Simply drop me a line and I’ll advise you of the process for ordering a caricature online in Ireland. I can include many different types of reference in your caricature, from pets such as dogs and cats, to hobbies from fishing to golf, to work references from accountancy to being a naval officer, to things only you and the subject of the caricature will understand! In over 20 years of drawing caricatures I’ve seen it all! I don’t ask any questions I just do the drawing so feel free to ask!

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  1. Hi Charlotte, thank you for your enquiry about my caricature gifts! I’ve emailed with details, hope to hear from you soon!

  2. Hi would love a pic done up for my sister and future husband as wedding gift. Could u add the kids and dog in aswel ?

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