Character Design for Galway Juggling Convention

Galway Juggling Convention Unicycle Fight Night character design: this is a character I designed for the Galway Juggling Convention earlier this year. Unfortunately like everything else at the moment this year’s convention is cancelled but hopefully our character above will roll over for the 2021 convention. It evolved from a tweet by circus performer Blue Hanley describing Unicycle Fight Night, where basically performers unicycle at each other competitively until there is only one unicyclist still aloft, who is then declared the winner (I think I have the rules correct). I described it as sounding like “a 70s dystopian sci-fi where criminals have to unicycle to the death in a televised trial by combat” and the concept was born. The baseball bat of my original sketch was replaced with a spikey juggling club at the direction of the client, and of course it was a much better call. Now I really want to watch the film version…

If you’re looking for character design for advertising your business or an event please contact me with a brief outline of what you’re looking for.

unicycle fight night Galway Juggling Convention black and white
Galway Juggling Convention Unicycle character black and white version

I’m caricature artist Allan Cavanagh and I have over 20 years experience creating bespoke cartoon art for a range of purposes.

I’m currently delivering high quality caricature art all over Ireland during the lockdown. Don’t miss birthdays or wedding anniversaries! Digital options available on request for you to print out yourself. Buy a caricature for a loved one here!

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