Charlie Adley’s Double Vision – Bad Decisions Teach Us More Than Good Ones!

Sailing cartoon. Man accidentally ties himself up on board a yacht
Sailing Cartoon by Irish Cartoonist Allan Cavanagh

“Maurice was a wiry retired teacher who’d spent his life hand- building the stunning Celeste, a beautifully fitted-out 38 foot yacht.”

Sailing cartoon illustrating Charlie’s wistful recollections of missing out on learning to sail. It’s something I’d still love to learn. I’ve a friend who got very into sailing in his 40s and you can always tell when he’s been at sea by the glow off him when he comes into the room. I grew up in a fishing village where most people were involved in the fishing industry in one way or another.

The kids I went to school with knew every type of fish, knot, boat and season. I knew none of them. One of the lads at an early age had a fantastic ability to draw very accurate trawlers from memory, with every winch, rope and mast in the right place. Lots of people I went to school with went to sea as teenagers during the summer holidays and fished salmon. I really admired them but it wasn’t something I was ever interested in as I was morbidly lazy and liked land. I used to watch Deadliest Catch when it started with a vicarious glee, pretending I now knew something about fishing (and I also finally figured out how so many people lost fingers out there!)

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