Charlie Adley’s Double Vision – Just Listen When Life is Hard for a Loved-One!

Dentist Cartoon: illustrating Charlie’s weird not-minding-going-to-the-dentist!
“I wasn’t expecting an extraction. I’d made an appointment as the two teeth my dentist’s been nursing for a year or two were giving me gyp.”

I’ve to make a few trips to the dentist myself soon and I’m giving it thought every day. It’s that Catch 22 of being scared of the dentist, so putting off going for check-ups, which means the little thing that no-one saw has lots of time to become a much bigger issue, which means lots of injections and pain when you go to the dentist because you can’t put it off any longer, which means you’ve got an association with pain and discomfort with the dentist, which means you put off going for check-ups…

That’s a long sentence. It’s almost as if I’m procrastinating instead of making a dental appointment. But no, the appointments have been made and all that’s happening is a clean. Hopefully lesson learned. 😀
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