Charlie Adley’s Double Vision – Does Galway Need to be 2020 Capital of Culture?

A cartoon of two men talking in a bar. One is reading a paper with the headline 2020 Director Resigns. Man on left says 'Looks like this Galway Capital of Culture thing could be in trouble.' The man with the newspaper replies 'Ach, foresight is 2020.'
Galway Capital of Culture 2020 Cartoon

“I was updating my friend Whispering Blue on the latest predictable controversy raging around Galway City’s 2020 award.”
Charlie’s latest column on the controversy surrounding the resignation of Chris Baldwin, the former creative director of Galway Capital of Culture 2020.
A new director has been promised in July by the board but there’s still a huge amount of controversy rippling around.
UPDATE 10/09/18: CEO of Galway 2020, Hannah Kiely, has resigned
UPDATE 04/10/18: Druid Theatre has withdrawn a cornerstone show from the 2020 programme, and John Crumlish, head of the Galway Arts Festival, has resigned from the 2020 board.

At a special meeting of the Galway City Council recently Galway 2020 CEO Hannah Kiely refused to answer questions on Baldwin’s departure citing data protection law. You can read more about that here in the Irish Times.

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