Charlie Adley’s Double Vision – Greed Will Destroy Galway’s Soul!

Airbnb irish evictions
Airbnb Irish evictions

A vile cocktail of vulture capital gentrification, Airbnb rapacity and pure dirty greed threatens to turn Galway City into the vapid homogeny to which so many cities around the world have been reduced.

Cartoon depiction of an Irish family being evicted by agents of Airbnb from the latest column by Charlie. I’ve seen many friends evicted from town recently just as Charlie describes. Galway is being sterilised by Airbnb and greed, families are being cast further and further out in increasingly vain attempts to find reasonable rents. For a country that endured utter cruelty at the hands of foreign landlords we have quickly turned on ourselves, destroying the social fabric of our society for the quick buck two nights from a wheelie suitcase brings. We should be utterly ashamed of the continued contempt with which renters are treated. Charlie nails it over that Double Vision. Have a read.

More Double Vision cartoons here.

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