Deathmatch was largely bloodless.

Una cogging Rick’s playlist while Derek glares out from between them.

Rick can text and DJ at the same time.

Rick lets one off. Una’s too polite to mention it. Fire alarm goes off.

I happened to be in Dublin as I’d a couple of gigs. It was eventful. I was drawing caricatures at Legal Island’s review of employment law and Wyeth’s HR Department’s Christmas party. Great craic and met lots of nice people. Going to Soundcheck was another plus.
The cons were, in order:
My car engine died. I’m waiting on a new engine. I’m in Galway. My car is in Terenure.
My shades broke.
The pants of my suit ripped up the side.
I always balance these little trials by counting my fingers and toes. All present and accounted for.

3 thoughts on “Deathmatch was largely bloodless.”

  1. Yes, I’m sure I can wear them to any event without getting funny looks from the guests.
    Might get them fixed just to be on the safe side.

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