Charlie Adley’s Double Vision: It’s Time to Get Over Thierry’s Handball!

Diego Maradona Thierry Henry
Diego Maradona Thierry Henry handball cartoon from Charlie’s column, on getting over Thierry’s handball in 2009’s Ireland v France game. Also getting an honourable mention in an English context is Diego Maradona for his “Hand of God” handball in 1986’s Argentina v England.
Let’s make a deal, in an attempt to live in the present: if I don’t mention England’s World Cup victory in 1966, you’ll move on from Ireland’s Euro 88 victory over England in Stuttgart.

I had the idea that since Diego Maradona & Thierry Henry are both famous hand-ballers I’d have them high fiving each other across the years! I even researched the proper contemporary Argentina and France strips for this cartoon. Drawing cartoons for Charlie’s column is the closest I will ever come to having a sports education (well that and drawing GAA strips for my GAA-themed wedding signing boards!)

I found it tricky to get a decent photo reference of Maradona from the time so I worked from pics of him as a much younger man, combined with more recent photos of him, and some grainy stills from the match were enough for me to get his hair and some of the strip details. I think I got a couple of pretty good liknesses!

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